Saturday, July 14, 2018

How the Modi Sarkar has Let Down Kashmiri Pandits

-It has not put on trial militants (like Bitta Karate who confessed to his crimes in a televised interview) who killed or forcibly displaced most of them.

In the wake of the cancellation of their Kosur Nag pilgrimage by the J&K government (then under the National Conference, not even an ally of the BJP), why was it that the present home minister of India, Rajnath Singh, in a speech in parliament in August 2014, trivialized the forced displacement of the Hindus of the valley, calling it a migration, tried to suggest that while the Kosur Nag pilgrimage, though a real pilgrimage, had not been a very regular one (how is that relevant?) and that the incident of the Kashmiri Pandits being barred access for the pilgrimage had no bearing on them being rehabilitated in their homeland, as if the Kashmiri Pandits, on seeing this incident of being denied pilgrimage access, would feel encouraged to return to Kashmir and settle down there for good!
The BJP, in early 2014, opposed a legislative proposal relating to state ownership and protection of Hindu temples in Kashmir facing neglect (on very flimsy grounds citing the Amarnath precedent wherein land given to the Amarnath shrine board was withdrawn instead of any step being taken to help yatris) leading to protests from Kashmiri Pandits. And by the way, a Muslim AAP leader in J&K spoke up for the Kashmiri Pandits on that occasion.

The BJP, in May 2015, did a U-turn on the promise of separate colonies for them in Kashmir to talk about composite colonies.

-Kashmiri Pandits went without ration for three months in a migrant camp in Jammu in 2016.
-There has been a failure to effectively construct flats and other infrastructure in Kashmir promised to Kashmiri Pandits to facilitate their return.

-In November 2017, in a reply to an RTI application, the Union Home Ministry said there is no proper plan for any township to rehabilitate the Kashmiri Pandits!

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